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A business aimed at animal lovers

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Jhuliana Solís is the owner and general manager of “Es Pa Mascotas”, a company that markets products for pets and has animal lovers as its captive audience. This business also offers veterinary and hairdressing services. She says that she decided to start this business because of her husband’s great love for animals and the increasing demand from households for household pet supplies. It is necessary to point out that Jhuliana Solís was the head of logistics of an important company, but she made the decision to start her own business.


However, the businesswoman warned that her main obstacle was the municipal procedures. She felt that in these instances of the State, not much information is offered or guidance is given to the entrepreneur. This made her very hesitant about continuing with the company. She did not give up and looked for a suitable district to open her business.

Today she has a place in the district of Magdalena. But the entrepreneur is evaluating opening at least four more business premises and, for that, she is targeting the cities of Trujillo, Arequipa and Piura.

What sells best in a pet store?

Jhuliana Solís points out that the products and services that can be offered in a pet shop are

  • The products most in demand by animal lovers are leashes, plates and dog tags. In terms of services, there is a strong public interest in bathing, cutting and veterinary care.
  • There is a growing trend to purchase items through the Internet. However, many customers prefer that the store take care of the transaction online.
  • Most of the products sold are imported or purchased in downtown Lima, where they are sold in bulk.
  • When buying items in bulk, the cost paid by the entrepreneur is lower.
  • Therefore, you can achieve a higher profit margin on the final item, which will benefit your business.

Other pet business ideas

Here are a few more ideas to get you started in the pet business:

  • Pet clothing business.
  • Photo studio for pets.
  • Dog diapers.
  • Organizing birthday parties for pets.
  • Luxury hotel for pets.
  • Sale of wooden houses for dogs.
  • Hospitalization and maternity service for pets.
  • Dog walkers.
  • Gourmet food and pet food delivery.

Pet-oriented products or services have become a round business. The love that people feel for their ‘little animals’ has allowed the creation of a series of companies that help them to give them the best comfort and luxury.

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