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A Meca company gives away dog food and potatoes for neighbors in distress

A company from O Grove specializing in dog care, with more than three decades of experience and a pioneer in its sector, Don Can, gives out pet and human food. Its intention is to help the residents of the Mecca town who lose their jobs or are left without economic resources due to the health crisis caused by the Covid-19 coronavirus.

Directed by Agustín Fontán Costa, a well-known breeder and dog trainer who is also president of the Galician Canine Society, the aforementioned pet shop offers food products and accessories, as well as products for human consumption such as potatoes.

Avoiding abandonment

That is why Agustín Fontán himself announces that his way of collaborating, showing solidarity and contributing his small grain of sand in this crisis is “to support any neighbour of O Grove who is out of work or who does not have enough money during this episode to look after their pets”. In those cases, “we give them the food for the animals, so they can take care of them and not abandon them”.

But that’s not all, within his possibilities he is also willing to support grove families who are in trouble by “giving them potatoes, so that at least they have something to eat with.

Agustín Fontán assumes that “it is not that it is much, but we understand that we have to be by the side of our neighbours and we hope that this gesture can help them”.

Obviously, the decision taken by Don Can has received all kinds of praise through social networks, where they encourage other companies to follow suit in order to collaborate with citizens who are experiencing more difficulties in these times of health crisis.

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