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We’re very doggy

This young project, which began to be developed in July 2013 after a market study, opened its doors in April 2014, with the additional services it offers as a differentiating element with respect to other similar stores. In addition to the pet shop, it offers a multitude of services, bringing …

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Reasons to never shop at a pet store

When I was a kid, my parents bought me a guinea pig at a pet store. I named it Howie and loved it more than anything. Howie was adorable and affectionate and smart. There was only one strange thing: he could only walk backwards. Even as a child, I wondered …

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Caring for your pet during coronavirus quarantine

The quarantine required as a result of the spread of the coronavirus brings with it many challenges, including the care of pets. How do you live with them on a day-to-day basis, especially if they are used to spending significant time abroad? Here are some very practical and simple ideas …

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Where to buy food pet during a coronavirus shortage

The scene has been repeating since last night. Big supermarkets with empty shelves and dozens of people trying to get their hands on the last packet of macaroni. Although this was the picture that some people showed yesterday on their social networks, there should be no panic, because according to …

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