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We’re very doggy

This young project, which began to be developed in July 2013 after a market study, opened its doors in April 2014, with the additional services it offers as a differentiating element with respect to other similar stores. In addition to the pet shop, it offers a multitude of services, bringing …

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The Brexit and the circulation of pets

There has been much debate about how leaving the UK from the European Union will affect people, but surely most of us had not even considered that it will also have an impact on travelling with animals. Until now, EU rules have allowed the free movement of dogs, cats and …

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More and more pet-friendly places in Asunción

The global trend of “pet friendly” came to Paraguay timidly a few years ago. For some time now, only in Asuncion, there are more than 45 “pet friendly” places, where having a coffee or going shopping to some store accompanied by an animal is no longer a utopia. The idea …

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The Pets Fair will have everything to give your pet

The Pets Fair will be set up in the Parque Arauco, which will also include talks, pet adoption and agility demonstrations and free admission. If you are one of those who considers your pet as another member of the family, then you will surely want to go and showcase your …

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Dog sale with virus reported

Through WhatsApp on the Flip Chart, a citizen reported the purchase of a sick dog at a well-known pet store in a shopping center located on Javier Prado Avenue in Surco. His biggest dream turned into a nightmare. Through WhatsApp on the Flip Chart a citizen reported the purchase of …

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