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Demonstration of the KONG dog toy for chewing, chasing and searching

The Pet Supplies Plus store at 175 Memorial Ave provided an interesting demonstration of the KONG Classic toy which can be enjoyed by both dogs and cats on Saturday, March 14th at their establishment.

Kimberly Puentes, a young member of the Pet Supplies Plus team, gave the demonstration with a dog that was available this year.

She has been working at the store since last year and said, “KONG is a fun toy for dogs (and cats) that is good for chewing, chasing and searching.

She said, “This toy can help keep your dog and cat busy and keep your inner wolf/lion activated. This would keep them in a sense as if they were still living in nature. It would make them feel like they could still rummage around, dig in the garbage can, help control the barking when you’re not home (in the case of dogs), you can throw it away so they can pick it up and when you throw it away they also chase it and once they get it, they have a good reward of a taste inside”.

The store offers a wide variety of tastes for both cats and dogs to graft into the KONG toy.

The classic red KONG toy is in a specific way so that dogs can bite it and not destroy it so easily. Its circular cone shape allows the grafted treats together with peanut butter or fish paste for cats, to hold the treats inside and after they enjoy finding the toy after running after it, they lick it until the treats come out by themselves.

Puentes said the toy is easy to clean. She also said that on hot days, the toy can be put in the freezer with the treats inside so pets can cool down after going after the toy.

The store also donates to the Dakin organization with products that customers are happy to donate.

Puentes said that by working for the store she enjoys seeing the customers and said, “because you know them pretty well and they are really nice. You can see their animals, we can give them a treat, interact with them… we listen to our customers, it’s not just about selling and having them buy our products.

The store also offers daily dog grooming services and vaccinations for pets every Sunday from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. and more.

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