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Did you know that store-bought dogs are more problematic?

When it comes to owning a dog, many of us think that since we have extra money, it is better to buy it in a store than simply settle for a stray dog, even if they give it to us for free. There is a preconceived idea that a dog without race is more difficult to educate, among other inconveniences. We’re sorry to break down your ideas, but none of that is true.

Store-bought dogs are more problematic

This is not something to be taken lightly, as a team of veterinarians from the University of Pennsylvania did a study on it: they compared the emotional state and physical health of store-bought dogs with those that had been purchased from private breeders. The team came to the overwhelming conclusion that store-bought dogs were more problematic. Let’s see why.

Their origin

Unfortunately, many of the dogs purchased in the shops, those that are displayed as trophies in their windows, come from the so-called “puppy factories”, where the animals are used exclusively for economic purposes without consideration for their needs or attention.

In these “factories”, the bitches give birth whenever they are in heat and they are separated from their puppies before the recommended 8 to 10 weeks to take them in precarious situations to all the country to be acquired in the stores. This means that not all of them survive, unfortunately, less than half do.

Can you imagine the trauma that these puppies have already experienced at such a young age? It is sad to know this harsh reality, but we are happy to know that more and more countries are banning the sale of “show dogs”.

The treatment received

In the factories, the dogs that will be purchased in tents are treated hostilely and live in unhealthy conditions. They are not dogs that are talked to, played with, allowed to run or given a prize when they do well. They live in enclosed and extremely small spaces.

Other problems

The study we talked about was done with 417 dogs purchased in stores and 5657 adopted from private breeders. These were the results:

  • Store-bought dogs showed a much higher rate of aggression than dogs from private breeders.
  • This aggressiveness was demonstrated with other dogs, strangers and even family members. Store-bought dogs demonstrated fear of unfamiliar situations, strangers and even those they knew as well as other dogs.
  • The store-bought dogs showed a high level of anxiety resulting from early separation from their mother.
  • Growing up in dirt, reducing “their bathroom” to a tiny space, the store-bought dogs showed an attitude of lack of hygiene in their new homes.
  • Store-bought dogs also demonstrated inappropriate behaviors such as running away from home.

Strangely enough, this study has taught us that just as with humans, breeding also influences our dog’s personality, health and emotional state – and to think that we had always believed that buying a dog from the store was the best option! Well, you see, if you give your money away in one, you are cooperating in keeping many other dogs treated so cruelly and inhumanely.

Don’t be an accomplice to something like that! It’s better that if you want a dog, you go to a professional kennel, a shelter or a private person. Not only will you be helping a good cause, but you will be following the law and you will also have a healthier and happier dog that can bring you happiness in your life and not problems as store-bought dogs would.

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