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Dog walker in Ireland

If you already have experience in caring for animals or simply love dogs, then finding a temporary job as a dog walker in Ireland will be perfect for you.

What does a dog walker do in Ireland?

A dog walker, better known as a dog walker in Ireland, has the task of mastering several dogs (and different breeds) at the same time to take them for walks in parks and other areas where pets are accepted.

Practically, a dog walker has to be available every day of the year and at the times the clients call, which does not mean that you will not rest for a single moment, but rather that it is not a job that is done continuously but when the client requires it.

The profile of a dog walker in Ireland

The profile of a dog walker in Ireland must have time and great availability, own transport to go to various places in the city and also have knowledge about the treatment of animals and how to care for them.

Some clients may hire you for only one day or one week, others may offer you contracts for a month, as well as there are clients who decide the perfect day for you to walk and take care of their dog.

Salary of a dog walker in Ireland

Your salary as a dog walker varies between the number of rides you take per day and the number of clients you add to that day. In general, a walk can cost between 10 and 17 euros per dog, imagine that you have already made good clients and in one day you walk 5 dogs, this would be a total of 50 to 85 euros per day which is quite profitable for a provisional job.

What you should be aware of is the manipulation of customers, as many take advantage of the fact that you are not Irish to pay you less than the minimum wage, remember that this is 9.15 euros per hour, so do not let anyone pay you less than that.

Set your rules

Malicious and exploitative people exist everywhere, in Ireland this is not the exception and being a dog walker in Ireland you must make sure you set your rules and limits well for your clients but in a polite and legal way. Be sure to specify the exact time you will have the dog and the exact time it must be picked up by its owner.

If you use fines for excessive waiting time it will be much better for the owners not to miss the deal. If it turns out that the owner doesn’t want to pay you for the extra time you spent looking after the dog then don’t go back to work for him as your time is worth a lot and you can’t let others take advantage of it.

Love for animals becomes a primary requirement for this type of work, however, you may have such love but perhaps not enough knowledge to control the activity of walking several dogs at the same time. In this case, you can take advice from the books sold at Eaason to improve your skills and learn to be a real dog walker.

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