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First pet-friendly store in Peru is now a reality

A great news for all animal lovers has undoubtedly pleased at the beginning of this month as Peru now has its first pet-friendly clothing and other technological accessories store, that is, allowing the entry, under some conditions, of their adorable pets so that they no longer stay home alone.

This initiative, which aims to provide a more complete experience for users with regard to their purchases and walks in a store, is available from today in Ripley. “From today we declare ourselves a Pet Friendly store and therefore we welcome you with open arms”, was what Eduardo Daly, General Manager of this brand in our country said.

A brief list of considerations for these visits has also been published with the aim of preserving order in these centres which are attended by a large number of people. Putting on a leash or a muzzle when necessary, as well as carrying a vaccination record and that the animal is not aggressive are some of the recommendations made by the place.

Now that you know about this initiative, enjoy taking your inseparable companion wherever you go to spend a pleasant time away from home.

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