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More and more pet-friendly places in Asunción

The global trend of “pet friendly” came to Paraguay timidly a few years ago. For some time now, only in Asuncion, there are more than 45 “pet friendly” places, where having a coffee or going shopping to some store accompanied by an animal is no longer a utopia.

The idea that pets can only be in the house never convinced those passionate people who find in an animal a faithful friend, as reliable as a human. Times have changed and the country’s capital is adapting to the trend in other countries.

More and more businesses are allowing the entry of people accompanied by their pets. Although they set certain “requirements”, the aim is that the animal can “socialize” with others of its species and at the same time share a precious moment with its owner.

The experience is amazing and rewarding. Having a coffee, a beer or going shopping with your pets is a new way to clear your mind.

Many don’t agree with this trend, however, cities like Buenos Aires (Argentina) fill their streets with pet-friendly shops and even have better infrastructure for them to have fun too.

They don’t need to be trained to take them out or be small to enter a confectionery. The spaces are adapted in some way and have rules of “behavior” so that the order persists above all, as well as harmony.

The pet friendly experience in Asunción

Radio and TV host Carmiña Masi is known for the special care she gives to her pets, so she is very grateful that this trend is a reality in the country, because it not only strengthens the bond between owner and pet, but also allows the animals to clear their minds and have “little friends”, she said.

The routine of the announcer in relation to her pets, Margarito and Margarita, is established and she complies with it to the letter. She gets up, feeds them, takes them for a walk and sometimes enjoys being able to go out for coffee in the company of her “children”, as she calls them.

“Margarito (3 years old) is my first dog, he’s Margarita’s father (1 year and a half). This experience is relatively new. Only now the locals are becoming friends with the pets, which is appreciated. It’s great that you can come to a coffee shop, have a cup of coffee and let your pet scatter a bit, because otherwise it would just be a walk around the corner and take him back to the house,” said Masi.

The communicator said that knowing the high cost of caring for pets, she prefers not to even buy clothes or “stop eating” as long as they don’t lack anything. Even if she shows a cold character on TV, her pets manage to “caress her heart,” she said.

“We all have a weakness, which for me are my pets. There is no human who can give me all the love they give me. There are times when the only thing you want is to get home so that they can receive you, which is a unique moment,” she concluded.

Another “friend of the pets” is Adriana Ayala, who has been training dogs for four years. She appreciates animals very much and assures that discipline hand in hand with love makes pets stronger.

She is “mother” of Ragy, a 4 year old dog, and she was happy that there are spaces that allow the entrance of the pets since, she agreed with Masi, in such moments the bond between the owner and the animal is strengthened.

“We arrived at El Granel and everyone smiled. He drank water and I was told he could pass through quietly. I hope that more locals will join in, as it makes it a special day for the person and the mascot,” reflected the coach.

Ángel Barrientos, a journalist, went to the meeting accompanied by Rubia, the mascot of ÚH.

“This concept that commercial premises now bring allows you to come to a public space accompanied by your mascot. In this way, a person can enjoy themselves without leaving their dog locked up, it’s a really wonderful idea”, he added.

In addition, the communicator recalled the Animal Protection Law, which has been in force since 2013, after its enactment by the Executive Branch. This is Law No. 4840, which provides for the protection and welfare of animals.

This law establishes guidelines for the defense of domestic animals. It prohibits the sacrifice of animals with physical or psychological suffering, mistreatment, abandonment in public places, sale or donation to minors under 18 years of age without the authorization of those with parental authority.

This law created the Animal Protection Unit within the National Service for Quality and Animal Health (Senacsa) and the National Council for the Protection of Animals, which will have an advisory status. Complaints of mistreatment can be made at any police station.

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