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Paraguay’s first Pet Friendly Shopping

Attention animal lovers, because we definitely have a news flash for you. We tell you that as of this date, Shopping del Sol becomes the first Pet Friendly shopping center in the country.

To go deeper into this positive news, we contacted the marketing manager of Shopping del Sol, Carolina Lenguaza, who dispelled all our doubts and told us all the details about this great step they took.

This, and much more in this very friendly material.

Carolina… How did you decide to be the first Pet Friendly Shopping Center?

As it was already happening with our customers, because we saw more and more pets walking around the mall, on this basis we decided to make it official, but taking into account a rule of coexistence. It is a worldwide trend. The great unconditional friend of the human being is increasingly taken into account.

What does being Pet Friendly mean to you?

Pet Friendly establishments are places that allow you to take your pet without being forbidden to enter, allowing people to go around the shopping centre while they are in the company of their furry friend.

But to do this we have done a great deal of research on basic rules for taking your pet out of your home, before taking it anywhere and of course the general rules for coexistence within our establishment such as the Shopping del Sol.

Could you mention some rules to keep in mind?

Some of the rules to keep in mind are:

  1. Calm pets, who are domesticated and used to not bothering other people are welcome.
  2. If your pet is irritable, barks a lot, or seems anxious or desperate, you should take it home.
  3. They should be kept on a leash at all times, and under no circumstances should they be left alone. On the other hand, inside the Shopping Centre it must be in the arms of an adult or in some means of transport.
  4. The owner will be responsible for any damage caused by your pet to third parties, furniture and/or staff.
  5. You must respect the space and tranquility of other people.

Are all the areas enabled?

Small pets can enter the common areas of the shopping centre in the arms of an adult or in some means of transport (trolley or bag).

Larger pets can be in the courtyard, with leashes and muzzles if necessary.

The common areas of the shopping center and the stores are duly identified as Pet Friendly, except for the food court and the supermarket, for the time being.

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