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Pet shop, a business that will take you by the scruff of the neck to success

For many, their pets are part of the family, so they take care of them just like any other member of the household; in other words, they make sure that they don’t get sick, that they eat the right foods and that they have the necessary products to live in peace.

This attention makes the market attractive for companies that offer items for the conceited in the house.

Jhuliana Solis, general manager of Es Pa Mascotas, explains that among the products most in demand by animal lovers are leashes, plates and identification tags.

As far as services are concerned, there is a strong interest in baths, cuts and veterinary care.

MODALITYThe businesswoman points out that there is now a trend to purchase items through the Internet, although in many opportunities only the order is made, since transactions are made in stores.

There are products that you can make yourself; however, most of those sold are imported or purchased in downtown Lima, where they are sold in bulk.

In this area you can compare products at lower prices and thus achieve a higher profit margin on the final item, because that is what business is all about, achieving greater productivity at lower costs for the producer.

What motivated you to start this business? My husband has a great passion for animals and I want to create my own company. The combination of both factors led us to open the business four months ago.

What was the main obstacle? the procedures in the municipalities, since they do not give you much information or guidance. That made me hesitate a lot, because their answers were always negative, so I looked for an alternative district to the one I had initially thought of.

What’s next? I want to have at least four business premises and that’s why I’m analysing some areas. I am interested in entering Trujillo, Arequipa and Piura.

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