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The perfect pet salesman, would you like to be?

The perfect pet shop according to the customers

In writing this article, I have relied on input from customers. I have observed what makes them happy when I attend to them and have tried to profile the perfect pet shop assistant.

With all the information gathered, I am privileged to share with you the keys that will help you make a good selection of staff in your business and give it a different focus.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a job related to pet shops, you will surely find it useful when facing a job interview, good luck!
Selling well, the difference

The objective

The objective of a pet business is to sell, offering a good customer service to meet their needs and thus get their return, and not only the customer in question, but people around animal lovers.

The sale

Businesses dedicated to pets have a large volume of personalized or advised sales. Forget the idea of dispatching, you are not in a bar putting canes with a lid on them at 2 euros.

Most customers of a pet store, seek professional advice, be heard and sensitivity to the product, in many cases living beings. If they don’t find it in your establishment, they will go wherever it is provided to them as far as they can.

Therefore, a salesperson who knows about the product is essential to cover the needs and demands of the customer in an effective way.

What profile are the big pet chains looking for?

Taking into account job offers from different job portals such as infojobs, I have been able to make a brief description of the candidate requested by large pet companies. I detail it below saving me the unnecessary anglicisms.

First of all, we are looking for a commercial profile. That is to say, with experience in selling, placing the product well, making cash closings, managing orders and having passion for the client or as I have read in some offers, vocation oriented to the client.

Secondly, that you are a lover of animals. To prove this, we ask, if possible, for qualifications such as biology, veterinary, ATV, environmental, etc.

Finally, other skills are required of the candidate such as being orderly, punctual or responsible.

The profile that clients demand

According to my observations, a pet shop assistant should be a person who is close to and loves his job. Someone who can solve problems that customers have with their animals and whose solution, after applying the advice given by the salesperson, will make the consumer happy to see his or her pet happy.

Don’t abuse others

I’m of the idea that if you set up a business, in this case a pet business, you shouldn’t expect to get rich in less than a year. If you have that thought you can fall into bad practices like abusing the good faith of customers by selling useless or inefficient items, selling for the sake of selling.

Therefore, it is very important to know what you are selling and to whom you are selling it.

A persuasive salesman, a trickster who doesn’t know about product, let alone pets, will sell. And when the buyer gets home? He will probably think about the usefulness of the products, generating distrust in him for future purchases, purchases that you live off.

Finally, remind yourself that the feeling of being harassed is not pleasant. Forget the idea of picking pockets by persistently asking about your pet in order to endorse merchandise; you will surely scare your customer away like a ceramic clown from a child.

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