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The Pets Fair will have everything to give your pet

The Pets Fair will be set up in the Parque Arauco, which will also include talks, pet adoption and agility demonstrations and free admission.

If you are one of those who considers your pet as another member of the family, then you will surely want to go and showcase your pet this weekend at the Pets Fair.

This is a new version of this fair organised by Parque Arauco, where different entrepreneurs specialising in products for dogs, cats and other animals are invited.

You can find it from Thursday 12th to Sunday 15th March, on the first floor of the mall, on the Boulevard, in front of the Puma shop.

Around twenty exhibitors will be set up there, offering accessories, animal care products, healthy food and toys.

Among them will be Cool Pet, which makes natural products for the care of pets and are cruelty free, ie not tested on animals, such as moisturizers for legs and nose.

To give your dog a treat, there will be Patagon Raw with its 100% dried meat snacks, free of grains, salt and artificial preservatives, but full of flavour.

In addition, every day of the Pets Fair there will be activities, which you can enjoy for free, because there is no entrance fee.

For example, on Saturday, at 1.30 PM, you will be able to participate in a talk in which veterinarians and ethologists will teach games of smell, in which you will learn to entertain your dog using that sense

That same day, from 2 PM to 8 PM, there will be an adoption day in charge of the Stuka Foundation and Rehabilitation Center, ideal in case you are looking for a new pet.

If you go on Sunday, at 5.30 PM you will be able to see demonstrations of agility, that discipline in which dogs show off their skills when passing through a circuit with various obstacles.

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