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The sale of dogs and cats in UK shops is banned!

The United Kingdom has taken the firm decision approved by the government to ban the sale of dogs and cats in shops in the country. A measure supported by a large part of the population.

A decision to avoid abandonment

Lately we are receiving a lot of news about measures to avoid the increase of pet abandonment.

For example, we recently learned that many animal shelters in Germany had banned the adoption of pets during the Christmas season to prevent them from being abandoned after the holidays.

The United Kingdom is also taking a step forward in this matter by banning the sale of dogs and cats in shops.

This eliminates the role of an intermediary in the acquisition of pets. The owners of such establishments are blamed for the early separation of the puppies from their mothers, with the consequences that this entails for their development and health.

Now, anyone who wants to bring a pet home must go to the breeders or shelters directly, but you won’t have the puppies available as easily in any street store.

People will be forced to think twice before going after these little animals – their purchase will not be the result of a momentary crush on the animal in a shop window! Because no, although many people are determined to see them as things, animals are not shoes.

A big step towards ending illegal breeding

The measure has also been taken to prevent the exploitation of these animals on farms. Many dogs and cats are mistreated, making them mere reproduction machines, seriously affecting their health because of the poor conditions in which they live.

Not having shops to offer the puppies to will make these bad breeders have to decrease their activity.

This proposal for a ban was launched to the population and the response of support was massive, hence its approval.

As we always say, pets require a lot of care and are not toys. Any measure taken to reduce their abandonment will be applauded by those of us who are animal lovers – they deserve the best!

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