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Things to consider when starting an online pet store and not die trying

The pet market is one of the markets with the highest turnover in Spain and is positioned, along with beauty and fashion, as one of the sectors with the most future projection within the online trade. Online pet shops are constantly growing and evolving and are a good, though not easy, investment given the high demand.

This has its logic and is that currently it is estimated that there are pets in half of Spanish households. We are talking about some 20 million pets that we feed and provide homes and games for, so the demand for pet-related products, as well as services, is very diversified and constantly growing.

Why an online store for pet products?

Our dogs eat the best food, our cats have lots of toys, our birds and rodents need to change sand and cages every few months and we try to have our fish live in aquariums that remind them of the oceans and this is worth money. Approximately 2.2 billion euros, which is what the pet market in Spain will be worth in 2014.

Pet products are generally very convenient items to buy and sell online. Feed bags are heavy and very comfortable to receive at home, toys are expensive and cheaper on the Internet, as well as certain specialized items that are only found in big cities. All this makes online pet stores a booming business with very evident growth trends.
Aim and then shoot

These data we share in edropshipping are not a secret, for this reason every day there are more and more online stores of products for pets. There are franchises that open new stores every month and every time new players appear in the market.

Moreover, within the pet market there are very diversified niches to work with. We are talking about a market with many actors, very saturated, but also, given the great diversification it has, it offers many opportunities.

That is why when deciding to open an online pet store we can choose to focus on specific market segments and instead of selling “dog collars” focus on “German shepherd collars” or instead of selling “aquarium decoration” we can do business with “clown fish decoration”.

When selling wholesale it is very important to know how to choose your dropshipping niche, to know your market and to take care of the products and the aesthetics of your website. A market with such high competition but at the same time offering many opportunities is ideal to embark on the project of opening an online store for pet products, but it requires a lot of time and dedication.

Okay, I’m going to set up an online store for pet products, decided how?

If you have decided to open an online pet store and have already taken all of the above into account, you will now need to choose your dropshipping store’s distributor.

Here we offer you different options, but you have to bear in mind that this is a market that covers many sectors (pet food, veterinary services, holiday accommodation for pets, animal accessories…), so you have to be clear about what you want to do before selecting a supplier for your pet products online shop.

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