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We’re very doggy

This young project, which began to be developed in July 2013 after a market study, opened its doors in April 2014, with the additional services it offers as a differentiating element with respect to other similar stores.

In addition to the pet shop, it offers a multitude of services, bringing together professionals and users through a club that provides access to educators, babysitters, walkers, hairdressers and veterinarians, among others.

It also has the possibility of being informed about dog events, courses, etc., as well as the purchase of tickets through the same portal or the possibility of consulting legal advice specialized in the animal world.

According to its manager, Raúl Hernández, “in only 2 months, the store is already obtaining quite interesting results”.

Description of the web

The global design is thought and developed to create a pleasant environment that invites you to navigate through all the sections and discover the different contents that the site hosts.

The cover stands out with a large banner perfectly integrated into the web, where the user is presented with the different services from the very first moment.

Online Shop

The online shop www.somosmuyperros.com has a clear structure, where you can filter by categories and subcategories, as well as use the search engine with keywords.

By selecting the corresponding filters, the different products are shown with photographs, prices and customer ratings, everything you need to be able to choose the product or access its file.

The product file contains detailed information, with the possibility of adding it directly to the shopping cart. In addition, it is worth noting that if you are a member of the Club Premium you can access lower prices, among other advantages.

The purchase process is simple and intuitive and allows the user to execute it in a friendly and comfortable way, facilitating the conclusion of the same one thanks to numerous options, as the case of not being registered previously, in which it is asked to us if we want to be “Free User” or “Premium User”, that entails a method of loyalty for the most assiduous, obtaining interesting advantages in exchange for a small annual quota.

Online marketing and advertising

The marketing actions are currently carried out by the company Dos Veces Marketing, where they design strategies to achieve the greatest possible impact and promotion.

As for SEO and SEM, they are carrying out a natural positioning plan and in September they plan to start Google AdWords campaigns.

Presence in social networks

Its presence in social networks is very active, both on Facebook and on Twitter and Google+.

All the news are linked between the different social networks, so none is left unattended. It is worth noting that the Google+ profile has already received a total of 22,781 visits.

Consultant’s opinion

Despite the competition in the market of virtual pet shops, somosmuyperros.com is making its way with differentiated services, where they merge the needs of dog lovers with the information, sale of products, services and activities.

Being focused on the public and the professional at the same time, allows you to exploit different areas of the market with products and services on the one hand, and advice on the other.

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